Discounted Muni Passes

MUNI Lifeline Fast Pass

All families who receive the Working Families Credit are eligible to purchase one Muni Lifeline Fast Pass per qualifying individual, beginning with the month following receipt of your WFC payment.

To purchase the Muni Lifeline Fast Pass, you will need to submit to MTA in person your completed SFMTA's Lifeline Application.

  1. Proof of San Francisco residency; AND
  2. Proof of Income Eligibility**
**If you received the WFC for the current tax year, you may request Form 8032B from the WFC Program to serve as proof of income eligibility for purchasing Muni Lifeline. If you have never received WFC or received it in a previous year, please refer to SFMTA's Lifeline Application for household income proof of eligibility that will be accepted by SFMTA.

For current year WFC recipients, you can request form 8032B by emailing to or by leaving us a message at (415) 557-6284. Please provide your first and last name and a phone number where you can be reached.

Free Muni For Youth

For information and to obtain an application for a Free Muni Pass for Youth age 5-17, visit SFMTA here.