Tell Your Employees “There’s Money Out There Looking for You”

If you are a San Francisco business owner or manager, this web page provides ideas and tools to help you tell your employees how to claim tax credits, benefits and other services worth as much as $6,269 for working families in San Francisco.

When you promote the Working Families Credit in your workplace you:

  • Build trust and good will with employees, which in turn can
    boost retention and increase productivity
  • Give your employees the ability to keep and save more of
    what they have earned
  • Boost the local economy when employees have more
    money to spend in local businesses like yours

What is the Working Families Credit?

What is the Federal Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC)?

Here are some ideas to promote the EITC and WFC in your workplace, with useful downloads to help you implement the ideas that work best for your business:

  1. Make informational materials available in break rooms (consider placing materials in employee restrooms, too!)
  2. Distribute applications in paychecks
  3. Place an article in your in-house newsletter or on your intranet
  4. Tell employees during staff meetings
  5. Provide information in new-hire or orientation packets
  6. Host a workshop for a group of employees

All materials are available in English, Spanish and Chinese.