Am I Eligible for the WFC?
What is the WFC?
Am I eligible for the WFC?
How do I apply for the WFC?
Where can I have my WFC prepared for free?
To be eligible for the Working Families Credit, your family must…
  • Have never received the WFC before
  • Have earned less than $53,505 in 2016
  • Have filed your tax return by April 18th deadline
  • Claim the Earned Income Tax Credit on your federal income tax return
  • Claim at least one qualifying dependent child on your federal income tax return
  • Live in San Francisco

When will I receive the Working Families Credit?
The 2016 Credits will be distributed to qualified first-time applicants by the end of September 2017, subject to availability of funding. Due to limited funding, the WFC is only available to qualified applicants who have NEVER received this credit before.