How do I Apply for the WFC?
What is the WFC?
Am I eligible for the WFC?
How do I apply for the WFC?
Where can I have my WFC prepared for free?

Apply when you file your federal income taxes or any time after you file your taxes, as long as you turn your application in by April 18th, 2017.

All applications are DUE to the Working Families Credit program by April 18th, 2017.

Where to get an Application
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Where to send your Application
File for the EITC for Free

Where to get an Application
You can obtain applications at the following locations:
  • All San Francisco public libraries
  • All Free tax preparation sites in San Francisco
  • Human Services Agency, 170 Otis Street, 1st Floor Reception Area
  • City Treasurer's Office in City Hall (Room 140)
  • Select paid preparers using Intuit ProSeries filing software.
  • Apply for WFC when you self-file with Turbo Tax:
  • Apply using H&R Block online tax preparation products or when filing with a paid preparer at a San Francisco HR Block office.

Where to send your Application
Completed applications must be postmarked or delivered by April 18, 2017. Mail to:
City and County of San Francisco — HSA
WFC Program
PO Box 7988
San Francisco, CA 94120
Or hand deliver to the following location:
  • Human Services Agency, 170 Otis, First Floor Reception Area (use the lime green WFC drop box.)

File for the EITC for free, using the Internet
You may be able to file for the Earned Income Tax Credit online.
Click the link below to file for the EITC.
Note:  You cannot file for the Working Families Credit (WFC) online.
  Please see “Where to send your application” listed above.

  • Hotline support for those using Myfreetaxes: 1-855-698-9435
    Hotline hours of operation: Monday - Saturday, 6am - 7pm PST
  • Email support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with a 24 hour response time:
  • Chat support through website: (6am - 7pm PST)